Emergency Kit


We are Local People Caring for our Neighbors!”

Hamilton County Public Health promotes, preserves and protects the health of all residents of Hamilton County.


Assemble your own home emergency kit with this checklist.  Prepare NOW by gathering these common household items and storing them in a duffel bag, plastic container, backpack or box.

Check the Circles when complete!

O   Portable radio and extra batteries.

O   Flashlight and extra batteries.

O   Matches and candles.

O   List of important phone numbers, local and out of town.

O  Prepaid phone cards.

O   First Aid Kit with manual.

O   Essential medicines and eyeglasses.

O   Copies of prescriptions and identification.

O   Non-perishable foods.

O    Utensils - can opener, knife, eating utensils.

O    Personal toiletries.

O   Baby food & supplies.

O   Recent family photos for identification.

O   Credit card, and cash, bills and coins.

O   Basic tool kit, tape, gloves.

O   Drinking water, 3 gallons per person.

O   Chlorine Bleach/Water purification tablets.

O   Pen, pencil, paper.

O   Toys, playing cards, games, books.

O   Extra clothes, shoes, blankets.

O   Plastic bag & ties.

O   Plastic bucket with lid.

O   Toilet Paper.

O   Paper towels, plates, cups.

O   Pet food and supplies.

O   Extra car keys.


*    Date and replace food, water, and batteries every 6 months.

*    Check and update supplies annually.




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