Mission Statement

We are Local People Caring for our Neighbors!”

Hamilton County Public Health promotes, preserves and protects the health of all residents of Hamilton County.

The mission of Hamilton County Public Health Services is to promote, preserve and protect the health of all residents of Hamilton County.

Hamilton County Public Health Services serves all Hamilton County residents regardless of their race, creed, sex, physical or mental challenges, age, sexual orientation or ability to pay.

Hamilton County Public Health Services advocates for services that are comprehensive, quality oriented, collaborative, knowledge based, family centered, community based, culturally sensitive provided to individuals throughout the continuum of life, from the unborn to the dying.

We believe Public Health Care is a basic human right.  Public Health was established to safeguard the community’s health, which historically has involved health protection and promotion.  We believe government agencies can pursue this goal through three core functions:  Assessment, Policy Development and Assurance.

Hamilton County Public Health Services will promote regular systematic collection, assembling and analyzing of information on the health of the community.  The information from this assessment may include statistics on status, community health needs, personal health services and epidemiological information as well as other studies of health problems.  This information will be made available to the general public.

Hamilton County Public Health Services must exercise its responsibility to serve the public interest in the development of comprehensive public health policies by promoting use of a scientific knowledge base in decision making about the public health of Hamilton County and by taking the lead in public policy development.

Hamilton County Public Health Services must assure their constituents that services necessary to achieve agreed upon goals are provided either by encouraging actions by other entities(public or private sector), by requiring such action through regulation or providing services directly.

We believe these actions must involve key policy makers and the general public in determining a set of high priority personal and community wide health services that government will provide to every member of the community.  This should include subsidization or direct provision of high priority personal health services for those unable to afford it.




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