Direct Care Professionals

Direct Care Professionals

Direct Care Professionals can provide Home Care Aides and Homemakers:

The staff provides care under the direction of the Nurse and follows the physician plan of care. The following are areas the DCW can provide in your home.

Personal Cares: Assist you with or provide bathing/shower, hair care, and dressing. Apply lotion to dry skin. Observe for items that may need to be used for safety in the bathroom like: bath benches, grab bars hand held shower attachments. The removal of throw rugs to avoid slips and falls.

Light Meal Prep: Cut up vegetables or other items for use later. Help you use a crock pot for meals or prepare a light meal for you to eat while they are there.

Grocery Shopping: Assist with making a list of grocery supplies, going to the store to purchase groceries. Delivering them to the house and putting them away.

Laundry: Sort wash and fold laundry.

Light Housekeeping/homemaking: Assist with maintaining a safe clean home environment light housekeeping includes dusting vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen to include scrubbing floors and countertops, cleaning food preparation surfaces. Clean the bathroom. Other tasks may be assigned as determined by the nurse and plan of care.

Transition Care: Case managers can help you or your family member transition from the Hospital or Nursing Home to your home. The Case Manger will assist with resource management such as meals on wheels, MOMs Meals, Pharmacy assistance and locating other community resources that you may need. They will call you periodically to check in and see how you are maintaining at home are answer any questions you may have.

Assistance with light exercise, or home physical therapy.

Respite Care: This grant funded program is for the caregiver who is caring for a loved one at home. This provided a specific amount of time for the caregiver to leave the home knowing that their loved one is being watched and cared for by someone with training. This program even though grant funded is open to anyone with a caregiver over the age of 60. This time away can be used for appointments, shopping or meetings.

Assisting with dressing

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