Health Opportunities for Parents to Experience Success

What can I expect from HOPES?
At your convenience, your Family Support Worker (home visitor) will begin by visiting you weekly in your home.

A Family Support Worker is a trained individual who:

  • Understands the questions and stresses you have as a parent
  • Assists with your daily challenges
  • Offers information and support to you and your family

What can they do for my baby?

Offer practical information on:

  • Preparing for your baby’s birth and “homecoming”
  • Recognizing your baby’s needs
  • Caring for your baby’s needs and still managing to take care of yourself
  • Assessing your child’s development
  • Making your home “child safe”
  • Encouraging your child’s development
  • Maintaining your child’s health/wellness

What can they do for me?

Offer practical information on:

  • Budgeting
  • Arranging transportation
  • Teaching appropriate behavior to your children
  • Continuing your education
  • Seeking employment
  • Accessing community services
  • Providing activities to do with your child
  • Accessing medical services

This program is part of a nationwide initiative called Health Families America.  As a family support program, HOPES/Health Families Iowa (HFI) is designed to empower families to become and remain healthy and strong.

HOPES/HFI offers support and education to your family during pregnancy as well as after the birth of your baby.  HOPES/HFI offers home visits as a way to reduce the stress associated with your pregnancy and the birth of your baby.  HOPES/HFI supports you in giving your baby a healthy start in life.

Partial funding for HOPES/Healthy Families Iowa (HFI) comes from the Iowa Department of Public Health.  Additional funding is received from other state, federal, and local community organizations as well as agencies, programs, and individuals.

The most precious jewels you will have around your neck are the arms of your children.

HOPES staff members


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