In Home Nursing

In Home Nursing

Hamilton County Public Health is a Medicare/ Medicaid certified home care agency. Home Health Services are ordered by physicians and provided by trained staff. Our skilled nursing staff is able to assist you by providing services directly to you in your home. Whether you are recovering from surgery, disabled, or have a chronic illness, our professional staff can help you stay in your own home. We have served all of Hamilton County since 1949. Hamilton County Public Health accepts all 3rd part payers (Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance) and we also offer a sliding fees scale or have grant funds for low income individuals.

Services below are delivered through our home care programs.

Nursing Assessment: In coordination with your doctor comprehensive nursing assessments are conducted. These are used to guide the plan of care for the individual to stay safely in their home. A comprehensive assessment will include taking your vital signs pulse respirations, blood pressure as well as a complete head to toe evaluation. A review of medication including over the counter and herbal remedies. There will be a medication review that assesses interaction and warning’s. Assessment of correct use and management of medications and the ability to manage refills. Monitor lad findings and draw blood.

Medication Management: this includes assess the individual’s ability to correctly take and manage their medications. Medication assistive devices may be utilized to help the client with this issue. We currently use medication planners and medication delivery systems to help client stay in their own home and manage their medications.

Wound Care: our staff is familiar with wounds from simple to complex. Nursing staff can manage wound vac systems to aide in the healing of complex wounds. The nurse compliment wound care that is ordered from family doctors and the local wound clinic to help you stay in your home. Nurse will assess your wound, monitor healing and teach you about sign and symptoms of infection of your wound.

Home IV: Therapy Nurses will work with you and your family in maintain your long term antibiotic therapy at home. They will instruct you on safe handling of IV medications, They will perform Dressing changes of your IV site. They will help you trouble shot issues with IV Equipment. Nurse can draw blood for labs.

Health Education: Nurses and social workers will spend time educating you and your family member on Chronic Diseases you may have. This will include signs and symptoms of when to call the doctor, it may include nutrition planning , the proper use of medications, home safety instruction, resource available to you to help you stay at home. Answer your questions about you illness.

Transition Care: Case managers can help you or your family member transition from the Hospital or Nursing Home to your home. The Case Manger will assist with resource management such as meals on wheels, MOMs Meals, Pharmacy assistance and locating other community resources that you may need. They will call you periodically to check in and see how you are maintaining at home are answer any questions you may have.

Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapy: If you or your family member has suffered and injury or illness causing them to need in-home therapy Hamilton County Public Health offers a full array of these services in your home. The therapist will complete an assessment and therapy plan for you that will help you recover. They will also assess how you function in your home and offer suggestion on ways to improve or make your home safe. Therapy will assist you with gaining strength and mobility, gaining independence and improving functioning to improve daily life.

End of Life Support: We no longer offer Hospice services however many people do not choose Hospice. Our staff are able to monitor your health conditions and will inform you or your family if they believe Hospice is an appropriate level of care. However if you or your family does not elect to go with Hospice Nurse can monitor your condition at home unless it becomes unsafe. Nurses and staff will work with families for the best options for you or your family.

Tele-monitoring: We have state of the art in home tele-monitors that can be placed in your home assess your vital signs, weight, oxygen levels, blood sugars if needed and ask you a few health questions. This data is then transmitted to Hamilton County Public Heath office and a nurse reviews this data daily. This can help alert your doctor to an issue as it arises possibly avoiding an unnecessary hospitalization.

Case Management for Elderly: Social workers will work with you or your family member in maintain a safe home environment, and linking you to needed services such as meal, homemaking grocery shopping, nursing, personal cares. This coordination is an effort to help you maintain your independence at home.

In home care

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