Our Team

Shelby Kroona

Shelby Kroona, MPH BSN


Responsible for: Budgets planning, grant writing and day-to-day operations.
832-9565 ext. 1010

Lindsay Ruba

Lindsay Ruba

Financial Coordinator

Areas of work: Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, accounts receivable, fiscal grant monitoring.
832-9565 ext. 1015

Amanda Kalkwarf

Administrative Assistant

Areas of work: Claims, payroll, Elderbridge and state grant financial monitoring, Meals on Wheels.
832-9565 ext. 1007

Marilyn Meneses

Marilyn Meneses

Administrative Assistant

Areas of work: WIC, Maternal Child Health
832-9565 ext. 1009

Debra Nessa

Deb Nessa

Administrative Assistant

Areas of work: Wells/septic, immunization data entry, home care aide scheduling.
832-9565 ext. 1008

Brad Berg

Brad Berg


Areas of work: Well testing, septic permit and inspections, tattoo, tanning, pool and spa inspections, flood plain and emergency preparedness.
832-9565 ext. 1001

Lori Price

Lori Price, RN

Maternal Child Coordinator

Areas of work: Supervisor; Healthy Opportunities for Parents to Experience Success (HOPES), Early Head Start, Building Families, maternal health visits, post-partum visits.
832-9565 ext. 1012

Pam Harklau

Pam Harklau, RN

Clinical Manager

Areas of work: Managing Home Health, coordinates Admission, Quality Improvement, Medicare regulations.
832-9565 ext. 1011

Domino Brundage, LPN

Areas of work: Home Health, and Public Health Programs.
832-9565 ext. 1002

Stacy German, LPN

Areas of work: Home Health, Immunizations, Flu Clinics, Foot Clinics.
832-9565 ext. 1014

Cyndi Rector, RN

Areas of work: Home Health and Public Health Programing .
832-9565 ext. 1013

Carrin Sadler, RN

Areas of work: Home Health, WIC, and Public Health Programing.
832-9565 ext. 1016

Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones

Family Support Worker
Home Care Aide

Areas of work: HOPES, Home Health.
832-9565 ext. 1006

Debbie Jordahl

Debbie Jordahl

Family Support Worker

Areas of work: HOPES, Early Head Start, Building Families, Home Care Aide sub.
832-9565 ext. 1005

Home Care Aides

Lorena, Kim and Amanda

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